Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Naturally-Nifty Party #22

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Hey everyone!!
We have some awesome FEATURES to share with you this week! Be sure to stop by and show them some love from the Naturally-Nifty Party! Then come back here and link up and like your favorite posts!!

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I love how Mama over at Just Us Four always shares such wonderful ideas with her. It seems more often than not when I chose my favorites she is always at least one of them. This week she is continuing the pattern with these awesome Strawberry Basil Margarita Popsicles. What a fun idea for an adult party. I make our own kid friendly popsicles all of them time but have never put basil in them.... but since I have so much basil from my beautiful garden, I think tomorrow I am going to make up a new popsicle for these kiddos taken from this awesome recipe. Next time we have a BBQ I am making some of these for our adult friends. Thanks so much for sharing!! 

Karri over at My Life's a Treasure shared a very sweet and sentimental idea with us in creating a shadow box for her daughter's first outfit. I think this is adorable. When I was six months pregnant our big brother passed away... My mom gave me one of his baby outfits for my boy... and my boy wore it for pictures. I think this would be the perfect gift for my mom at some point and I am so excited for this idea. I think she would love this simple, sweet, sentimental gift. Thank you, Karri for sharing with us. 

Kaitlin from It's a Wunderbar Life took a very DRAB $4 dress that she got from a thrift store and made this awesome Anthro Knock-Off shirt dress! She did an awesome job, it turned out so trendy and cute! You definitely need to stop by and check out the transformation...you will laugh at the dress she bought originally. Kaitlin you definitely have an eye for something good when you see it! Way to make something awesome out of a plain denim dress, I love it! 

Revitalise Your Health shared an awesome blog post with us about different uses for Eucalyptus oil.  This interests me a lot because I just bought and used eucalyptus oil this weekend for a homemade body scrub that I made.  The post they shared tells about health uses that Eucalyptus helps with,like pain relief and respiratory uses, and it also explained how it helps with insect bites.  Very interesting, and definitely seems like something we should all invest in! Head over and take a look! 

This wall art shared from Craftionary is just straight up unique and new! I haven't seen much artwork done like, plus she picked great colors and a fun leaf design! She basically took two of the same pictures, in different colors and cut them and then wove them together.  So creative, you could do so many things with this same fun idea! 

Our sweet new friend Fifi from About Blogging Time shared an awesome budget friendly idea that actually I told my husband about the same night that I read this post! She made a vine trellis from fishing line! What a great idea huh! I mean we have a vine that is growing FAST...and my husband wanted to buy trellis for it, but I didn't really want to spend the money.  So I told him about Fifi's idea, and he loved it! We are definitely doing this outside in our backyard asap! Such a great idea...go check out how she did hers! 

Now it's time for yall to join in on all the fun! Remember please follow our blog & pick up a Naturally-Nifty Button or put us on your link party page!! 


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