Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Share the Wreath Wednesday....

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I have recently realized that I LOVE TO MAKE WREATHS! They are probably my favorite craft overall to do!

I started out making my very first wreath for my grandmother's bathroom. I had always wanted to make a wreath but never really got the chance, so with my first one I just went for it....not really knowing what I was doing. My grandma had redone her bathroom in bright springy colors, and had a daisy shower curtain so I made this wreath to decorate the wall in there.

Then over a year later after I was married, Fall came...which meant I got to decorate my house with some colors! (which is my favorite!) So I decided to make a wreath for my house, and this is what I came up with! All the decorations were bought from Hobby Lobby.

After showing the wreath to my friends, I made the next two which they bought from me!

Then came Christmas 2010...which meant I had another opportunity to make a wreath to decorate my house. This is the one that hung on my door for the holiday season, and I loved looking at it every day!

Then the same two people got me to make them one also... and I did those a little different, adding some Christmas ribbon through out the wreath and less flowers.

Now it is summer time and this is one I put together for my friend last weekend. She wanted something that would work for Spring and Summer, and she loves pink. She helped me pick out flowers that she liked and I put it together for her! I like the way it turned out.

This was my fun project I worked on last night! I found the idea on the blog tatertots and jello and loved it so I had to make it! Plus it was only a $4 project....(it helped that I had the ribbon and scrapbook paper already) Anyways, though, I got the wreath and red hots at the Dollar Tree.

It's a little different being made out of red hots, but so much fun for the 4th of July!

The little rocket is made from a toilet paper roll with scrapbooking paper and ribbon!

This was my own little touch! I have been seeing these cute banners all over blogland and have loved them! So I decided to add this using the same papers i used on the rocket!

And this was the finished product! I'm loving it!

This is the next wreath I want to make! This is from Corner House blog! I love that it is made from old books....and I have several waiting to be cut into...all I need now is something that cuts 3 inch circles. I have been looking but haven't quite found what I need yet!

Anyways, I just thought....since it is Wednesday and I am obviously obsessed with wreaths, then I would make it a SHARE THE WREATH WEDNESDAY!


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Friday, June 17, 2011

Up-cycled wine bottle decor

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So last night while my husband was out with the boys I had a little bit of fun! I have been saving old wine bottles for a while, and finally decided to do something with them! So I took them and did some fun decorating! & this is what I got...

1) First I took the wine bottles and soaked them in my sink in hot water for about 20-30min. this made it where the labels came off very easily.

2) I scraped the labels off and washed the bottles; then I took them outside to where I was going to spray paint them and let them dry off in the sun.

3) Then I laid them out and spray painted each of them. I chose these colors (gray, yellow and white because I am really liking this color scheme lately) Anyways I had to do several coats on them.

4) Finally I brought them in and began to decorate. The supplies I used included: champagne colored tule, white and gray yarn, and some flower ribbon I picked up at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago, OH, and my hot glue gun of course!

Then you just have some fun decorating and all of a sudden your shabby recycled wine bottles become up-cycled home decor!

Plus you can mix and match them together any way you want!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011


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I am becoming a real blogger! I enjoy blogging all the time! I enjoy writing, but also I enjoy finding other blogs that offer great things for my creative side!

I am including some new blogs that I came across today! So much fun...I love all the DIY crafts that they offer and tell you step by step how to do! Below are a few that I want to try within the next few days...maybe this weekend!





I really just wish I had more time to spend trying out different crafts, and coming up with my own! But as for now I will try to find time to try out some of these crafts...hey it could save money on decorations for my new house right...

I'll post pictures of both successes and failures of these crafts and many more :-)

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


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Yep that's right....we are moving!

Boxes are everywhere....our house is a even though our move out date isn't for a month or so, I have no desire to really clean my house, because it never actually feels clean!

Anyways, I don't mind the packing and moving, because after all the hard work, on the other side of all the boxes, newspapers, bubble wrap, and packing tape lies a new life for us!

A new neighborhood, new neighbors, a different street....more closet space, a bigger house, more room for entertaining and hosting, MY VERY OWN CRAFT ROOM....and last but not least 3 new boys!

Boys you say?? ....yep that's what I said!

Starting in August Meguell & I will be host parents to three high school boys from an Asian country! Not sure exactly where they are coming from or their exact ages yet, but we will be their host parents for the next year!

We are very excited about all of this!! We know that this is an opportunity that God has put in front of us...and in reality, something he has been preparing us for! We will be able to pour into the life of three boys who may or may not be Christians! We will be able to show them what it looks like to live in a God-loving home, and love them as Christ loves us! Also, with all of the college students that we lead, they will see how we interact together and love each other, and I know they will learn so much from all the wonderful people we live our life with!

Thank you Jesus for using us!!

God will have to be our strength and what gets us through each day! That is one thing I am very excited about!

I am not naive...I don't think it will be all sunshine and daisies....I know it will be hard and challenging...not only with the boys, but even with Meguell and I! But I know that at the end of this we will have learned to lean on the Lord for everything! To make it through this joyfully, we will have to take everything to the Lord, and let him guide us, and fill us up when we are worn out and tired!!

And thank you Lord for the promises that we can stand on....knowing that you will do all of these things and even more for us!!

Come on! It's time to be's time to throw it all down and allow the Lord to be everything you realize that we are so totally hopeless without HIM!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reading List

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This summer I decided part of me being productive and disciplined, and part of me growing more spiritually would involve creating a summer reading list. So that is what I have done.

1) Always Enough by Rolland & Heidi Baker
3) When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson
4) Compelled by Love by Heidi Baker
5) Visions Beyond the Veil by H.A. Baker
6) Your People Shall be My People by Don Finto

Anyways, so as I read these books I will blog about them! I encourage you that if you need a book to read, try out some of these! They are all wonderful books written by wonderful men and women who love the Lord & they will definitely encourage you and spiritually stir your heart up for more of God!

Always Enough by Rolland & Heidi Baker
This is a book that we are supposed to read for our mission trip to Mozambique, Africa and the authors are the people who have started multiple orphanages/resource centers in Mozambique, and over 5,000 churches in Africa!

It is an incredible book written about testimonies and troubles that have gone on through their time/call in Mozambique! It has stirred my heart to much to be totally surrendered to the Lord and allow Him to guide my life and be in full control of it! It has taught me so much about what living by faith, being poor in spirit and knowing what being totally dependent on the Lord looks like!

If you want to hear about real testimonies that are happening on earth right now! If you want to see what it really looks like for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven then read this book!!

I will end with this, an encouraging quote from the end of the book:
"This new army doesn't get tired. You know why? They know how to lie down in His presence. They know how to rest in His arms. They know how to lay their heads on His chest and listen to His huge heart. They weep with Him over the dying, the crying, the broken, the abused and the lost. Do you really think you can work hard and start a revival? Just run out there and get them? You can't. But when Jesus shows His face and He breathes life into the dry, dry, bony Church, and that Church stands up full of His presence, carrying His glory, nobody can resist anymore!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Living by Faith....?

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I have started reading the book, "Always Enough." Written by Rolland & Heidi Baker, the missionaries that started the orphanage/resource center that I will be visiting in Mozambique, Africa. It is a book our team has been asked to read before we go on the trip, but I recommend it to everyone!! The book is about their life, how they got together, and their journey to become missionaries in Mozambique where they have started thousands of churches and multiple orphanages where they take in unwanted children from the street. It is all about living by faith from day one. The subtitle on the front of the book quotes, "God's miraculous provision among the poorest children on earth," and that is exactly what is happening. They live everyday not knowing how they will eat, or how they will provide for all of those children, but everyday the Lord comes through and provides in amazing ways.

What would it be like to live a life of faith....REALLY!!?? Not just living a life that is faithful to the Lord, but living a life that is fully reliant on the Lord and HIS faithfulness. Living everyday knowing that you have no means to live by, but you have to trust in the Lord to come through and provide for you...and your family...and anyone else that you are responsible for! In their story, some may shake their head in dismay at circumstances they put themselves in to get on the levels of those living in slums, and depravity, especially since THEY HAVE THEIR OWN CHILDREN! Right, I mean that is how we's okay if it is just you and your husband but if you have children you have to think more rationally and be smarter...right? NO!!! God can provide for your children just as he can provide for you!

If you want to be shaken and stirred up, READ their story....I am only a little ways in, but God is stirring my heart to trust him more!
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