Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Jesus....

Pin It Last night when I was putting my nephew to sleep I told him a bed time see I have told him one every night since he has been here:

Sunday: Story of Jonah & the whale
Monday: Noah's Ark
Tuesday: Christmas story of Jesus being born
Wednesday: Story of Jesus dying and being raised again and going to Heaven to prepare a place for us

Of course I put all of these stories into kid terms...and he really surprised me by things he already on the night that I told him about Jesus being born and how good of a person he was, he mentioned about how he was nailed to the cross...

This led me to tell him that story the next day. And when I told him that Jesus went to Heaven to prepare a place for us, to put it on his level I said that God called Jesus to Heaven to come build a giant castle with fun stuff for us. With an awesome playground there, great food, and lot's of rainbows! Shoot that probably will be part of Heaven for all we know! I mean it's going to be great! Anyways, I told him then after Jesus is done building it He will come back to get all the people that loved Him and chose to be His friend!

Anyways, Ashtyn is just so sweet, and when we have gone to bed at night he will pray, then I will pray for him. On Tuesday night we talked about Angels again....and I asked if he had ever seen one...he said no, and I told him that we could pray to ask God to let us see that's what he prayed that was adorable...I have it recorded and will post it soon.

But I tried to remember his short, sweet little prayer from last night word for is what I remember:

"Dear Jesus, I want to be your friend, Allll day...and if I break your promises please forgive me...Amen"

It was so sweet, I didn't even use the work promises.... let me just say when he was praying I felt the power of the Lord in that room with us!

Thank you Lord for the sweet spirit of children! Pin It

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kissed by Angels

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This week my precious nephew Ashtyn is staying with us! I am loving our time with him...although I wish I could afford to take off work, but I know this time with his Uncle Guell will be great for him! Just getting to hang out with a man and do guy stuff...he needs that!

Anyways, he is so sweet...anytime he says something just so sweet and adorable it makes me think of my brother. Not because my brother was sweet and adorable lol but because I remember he is my brother's son and I think of how proud Shane would be of him and how much Shane loved him!

Some adorable things he has said so far this week:

-On the drive to Abilene my friend road with us and he told Ashtyn that he could stay with him. Ashtyn asked if he had kid beds at his house. He said yes and Ashtyn went on to see if he had three kid beds. When asked why he needed three kid beds, Ashtyn told him because he has an older sister, a younger sister, and he is the younger brother :-)

-Last night our friend had dinner with us and him and Ashtyn talked all about Super Heros like Spider Man, Iron Man, & Captain America :-) When he asked Ashtyn if he knew what Spider Man & Iron Man's real names were Ashtyn knew! It was crazy....then when our friend was leaving Ashtyn told him, "I'm really glad you came to visit us." In the most serious and sincere voice!

-Last night when we prayed, Ashtyn's prayer went something like this..."Thank you God for swimming, Thank you for going to work with people, Thank you for it going back and forth and being able to punch it, Thank you for a fun day, Amen."
(He was referring to things he had done that day, and the "going back and forth and punching it" part was about a punching bag toy that we bought him...ha ha so funny)

-Then, the first night he was here we prayed before we went to sleep and something was said about Angels....and he told me that Angels kissed him. When I asked what he meant, he said look I have Angel Kisses all over my face...referring to his Freckles!!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life Changing....

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Well here it is...I know I kept you waiting a while, but here's our news.

This August, Meguell and I will be moving out of our very first home! We will be leaving our quaint little two bedroom cottage and moving into a much bigger space with several more rooms and an actual dining room!

Why you ask....well let me preface...NOT because I am pregnant :-) that is everyone's first guess. Actually though, starting in August 2011 to May 2012 Meguell and I will be host parents for 3 High School boys who have come from a different country.

We will be working with the company Eli 360, "The purpose of ELI 360 is to network families with higher education and professional institutions for the development of intellect, character, and leadership ability of young students with the ultimate goal of societies’ transformation toward a better life for all."

Meguell and I are both very excited and feel that this is exactly where the Lord has been leading us! Although it will be challenging at times, we are ready and know that we will have to let the Lord guide us and give us strength in all areas of our life! It will definitely be a season that will teach us to rely fully on the Lord!

God is so good though, it was just this Spring Break that he started opening my heart up and showing me that I will be working more with boys in counseling. He was really developing my heart to minister with boys, and then a couple of months later we get this opportunity!
The Lord is so good and we are so excited to start this journeytogether and with the Lord guiding us!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


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Well for some reason I got really bad at blogging during the month of April!
I am planning for that to change during the month of May!

So many things seem to be happening in our life these days....
the Lord is continuing to do so much!
And continuing to fulfill His promises for Meguell & me!

Meguell will be graduating soon...this SATURDAY actually!
Then we will both be graduates of Hardin-Simmons University!

It is crazy to think we are already done with college!
I remember when we first came to Abilene! ha it was wonderful and so new!

And although we are not leaving yet...
It is crazy to think we have already been here for four years!

And we just love ABILENE!
The Lord knew what he was doing when he sent us here!
There have been multiple time over my years here that he has confirmed why he brought me here!
And he continues to show that to me!

Anyways, we have a new opportunity that has risen....
I must wait until tomorrow to share it!
Let's just say it will be

So until tomorrow! Have a glorious day!

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