Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Naturally-Nifty Party #21

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What a WEEK! We had some amazing link ups last week and we are so excited to show off our favorites. We have really enjoyed continuing with our Texas Blogger Series and we have two more to feature on Thursday and Friday. Little Sister got home today from her Mission Trip so I am sure you will be seeing an awesome post from her soon... The few pictures I have seen so far- it looked heavenly. 

Before we get to our features I wanted to tell you guys about one of our favorite bloggers, Kari, over at Newlyweds on a Budget. She has been training for a half-marathon and was out running the other night.. she was hit by a car in a hit-and-run accident. They caught the guy and he was thrown in jail with several felony charges... oh and did I mention it was a DUI! Please say a prayer for our friends over there, Kari and Moji, and feel free to check in on them on how she is doing... 

Don't forget that we still have the awesome GIVEAWAY going on for the wreath... It closes in 10 days! So go sign up for it!! :)

Now.. on to our favorite 3 for this week:

Sarah from City Girl Gone Country, showed us a VERY awesome way to make workout shirts from your old shirts... with ZERO sewing. For me, big sis, that is a YEA! Little Sis is awesome and loves to sew... me, mine stays in the closet... so this idea is perfect for me. Who doesn't have old T-Shirts from camps, school, runs that they would love to turn into a workout shirt... what I love about this too is that she gives alterations for if you don't like the first way she showed you... seriously, you need to check this out... such a fun and useable tutorial. Thanks so much, Sarah!! 

How many of you use Tea Tree Oil? I have recently purchased some, so OF COURSE this link up was awesome for me.  Our friends over at Revitalize Your Health shows us many different ways that Tea Tree Oil can be used. From sanitizing your counters and clothes, treating cold sores and athletes feet, to getting rid of dandruff.... it has so many uses. One good piece of information that I am glad they shared, because I have found many people that do not know.. is that you shouldn't put it directly on your skin, make sure you use a base oil too! Thanks so much for linking up guys! 

Just us Four shared the coolest link this week. Funny thing is when I saw it- something clicked in my head on how I could use it in my life- but she uses it a total different way. SO cool. She has put chalkboard paint on top of mason jar lids to put what is in the jars for the parties that she has. What a cool idea. There would be so many uses out of the chalkboard paint on the lid... isn't that paint so versatile? My first thought was how fun for the kids to draw and color on it! :) You see where my thoughts always are with running a daycare! Thanks!! 

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