Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2 adults, 3 boys, 1 dog, 9 puppies, & 1Suburban!

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This Christmas is so much different than those in the past! First off our December is covered with sweet weddings of our close friends! So we are traveling a lot, but along with that, we will have 3 boys, 1 dog, and 9 puppies with us! So needless to say, it will be quite eventful!
Starting on Thursday morning we will be going to Dallas and attending the sweet wedding of our friends Tom Horn & Brittany Anderson (soon to be aka Mr. & Mrs. Horn :-) Then we will be getting the boys from our friends house and traveling home to East Texas. How do we all fit in our little car you wonder....well we have some wonderful friends in Abilene who are allowing us to use their Suburban for the days that we are gone! This helps so much because otherwise we would be taking two cars! Anyways, once we get to East Texas, we will be staying at Holly Lake Ranch at a cabin, since none of our family has a house big enough to host ALL of us! ha we went from being a family of 2 adults and 1 dog, to

What an exciting Christmas season this will be!

Here's a look into the Christmas past! From our first Christmas together, in 2007, to last Christmas, 2010. This will officially be our 5th Christmas to spend together!

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009---aka our wedding!

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2011
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Monday, December 19, 2011

My Weekend via Instagram

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My Weekend was wonderful! I went to Lewisville/Denton to see my best friend graduate college!
It was altogether a girls weekend, with my best friend and me, plus our mom's slumbering and partying in her 1 bedroom apartment! Such a blast!

-Best friends since we were 3 yrs old! Looking dang good for getting only 3 hours of sleep and being up so early in the morning!
-She's a fashion diva with a degree in fashion merchandising!
-Long awaited 2011 graduation! Too bad I was so tired I was falling asleep during the speeches at the ceremony! I was awake to see her walk across the stage though!
-Beautiful Christmas Decor at the Gaylord Texan where she works!
-The Gaylord's Ice Show 2011 and me and my momsy!
-Love the wine bottle Christmas tree! Wish I could have a miniature one of those at my house!
-Doing a little artwork with the iphone as we walk around the atrium of the resort and take pics!
-On Sunday we went shopping! All day at the Grapevine Mills Mall and various other places! We had a blast, just us girls doing what we do best!
-I got all of my Christmas shopping done for the Hubs! He's going to have a good Christmas this year!
-Me and my mom at Charming Charlie' of my favorite pictures EVER! And I should've bought that necklace with the glasses attached to them. Darn!
-Me and my best friend being goofy in the mall! "I must-ache you a question!??"

What a great weekend away! Lot's of laughs and lot's of joyful times together! This is a weekend that will definitely be repeated in the near future! Maybe with less shopping, and hopefully with a few add-ons (aka our sisters!!)

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Photo Booth

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Christmas is slowing approaching....ONLY 10 DAYS AWAY!

So I wanted to go ahead and spread a little Christmas Cheer...from the Suells to you and your family!
Here's to a blessed holiday season, lot's of relaxation and joy and fullness of the Lord in your home!

This fun photo shoot happened at our Christmas Party---check out the link for some great Christmas Party ideas. Including a fun easy Christmas Photo booth. This was so much fun. So enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

All of my photos are edited through picnik which is FREE!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Red & Green Threads and Christmas Stories We've Read

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So this week, I co-hosted one of the best Christmas parties EVER!
We had a blast!

This party was for all of our closest friends, and we had some great things planned for the night.
First everyone brought some food to contribute, and we had Mexican Pile on. I also made homemade hot-chocolate, (which was rather delicious if I might say so...), plus coffee.
So for a little while we all ate, and hung out while a few people decorated Christmas ornaments.
Then came the REAL FUN!
We then cleared off the tables and all gathered in the living room to play Christmas Minute-to-Win-It. If you haven't seen this TV Game Show, you have to watch it. It is contests done with normal house-hold items, and people win tons of money. For our games, we went to the above link and bought most of the items at Dollar Tree to put together these fun games.
When entering the party everyone put their name into a chest, and we drew names to decide when each person played in the contests. When someone won a game, their name went into a drawing for a prize at the end.

They had to balance 5 dice on top of one another first.

Using a paper towel roll, a yard stick, and Christmas ornaments, you had to get 6 ornaments balanced on the stick.

The contestants put vaseline on their noses and had a string with a red pom-pom in their mouth. They had to use their mouth to toss the pom-pom up and stick on their nose!

Won-"Favorite" game of the night!
Contestants put a belt on that had an empty tissue box on the back with nine jingle bells in them. They had to shake their booties to get the bells out first!

Here's a little video for you to enjoy the fun!

Partners had to use the ribbon like a conveyor belt and get ornaments around them. Adding one each time it came around making it a total of 6 ornaments. My partner got very dizzy!
The cookie starts on the forehead and has to get into your mouth using NO hands.

We also had a photo booth set up. We had so much fun posing and taking pics together. We had a few props but didn't need much since people dressed up in red and green or as characters from Christmas stories.

Then to add to all of the fun, we also had a white elephant gift exchange. It was a very exciting time. I think the best gift was the Jesus Doll that someone bought from the Salvation Army! It was in a box like a Barbie and when you pressed the button on his back he spoke verses to you. My husband and I ended up keeping that jewel! ha ha

Anyways, if you are planning on throwing a holiday party, please check out the minute-to-win-it website I linked above! It will make it a holiday party that no one will ever forget!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

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My sweet puppy!

I love my sweet Bella-Jane! She has been the best dog ever. She was so easy to train, and she has such a good personality.
She is fun and playful, but can also relax and cuddle with you.
She knows so many tricks and is just all around smart.
I remember when Meguell and I first got her. We weren't planning on getting a puppy at the time, but when his mom called and told us they had Dalmatians for good prices, and we started talking about it, there was NO turning back for me. Then when we actually saw them, O no, I had to go home with that sweet puppy then.

This year it will be 4 Christmas's ago since we bought her. She is now 3 years old. That is just so crazy to me. We have so much fun with her though. And now she is going to have some sweet puppies. You should see how big she has gotten. We will have those sweet Dalmatian puppies by next week! yay!

Here's some fun pics of her when we had a lot of snow in Abilene! She loves snow!

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