Friday, July 8, 2011

Your Strong Love

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"Death nor Life nor Angels nor Powers....
Present things or things in the future...
Height nor Death nor any created thing...
...could separate me from"

Sometimes life can just grab ahold of you and throw you all over the place...
That is how I feel the past few weeks have been.
I have just been going about my business, getting things done.
I still feel like summer has yet to start, and hello...
we are two months in!

With going home, work, and class: summer has been very busy!

Plus I have not been to church in the past week and a half...and I can tell!

I sat down today and realized wow...I have just been going and doing,
I haven't even spent any time with my Father....

And O how I need that time!
Time to bask in His goodness...
In His Love for Me!

And ask Him to show me His Love for Me!
To show me His plans for Me!
To pour more identity into Me!

One thing I am so happy He has taught me though can be found in the words of this song.

"Your Love it's written on my heart....and there is not a flood....that could quench this Love!"

I know that even when I have neglected to spend time with Him there is nothing I have to do to gain acceptance with Him! There is nothing that can separate me from the love of MY FATHER!
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