Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Pages....

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It's about that time....time for a new journal! I'm very excited about this...Excited to start writing in the new pages! Flipping through a brand new journal is so nice, so adventurous! A journal is a place that has no boundaries, you can write any thought, draw any picture, or recite any quote! It is a place of freedom! And this time, I am spending a lot of time finding the PERFECT one! I am finally getting a nice leather one! And just in time for our Spring Break Mission trip! I need an entire journal because I am expecting the Lord to show up and give me lot's of wisdom and revelation of him that I will have to record!

Well here are the two that I have narrowed it down to:

The thing I like about this one is....well first the tree! But also, I like that it is refillable! The leather part is just a cover so I can continue to have the nice leather bound journal even when my pages run out!

This one does not say that it is reusable, but I do like now I am in the deciding process!

Which do you like best?
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  1. well the second one is really pretty, classey even. But....for some reason the first one really...I don't know, looks like The Journal Stupid I know but I didnt know how to put it. Love you ; )

  2. I like the first one... and it's a bonus that it is refillable. :)