Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leaving the nest....

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Although I left the nest several years ago, I think I am now starting to feel what it really means to leave the nest! It's kind of a hard thing! It doesn't help everything that happened and me just wanting to be at home close to my family and mom during these hard times. Also though, spending an entire month at home with basically my entire family, including extended, but minus my brother.....that did not make it easy to leave and come back to Abilene. Although I am loving married life and Meguell is so good to me; I still have an amazing mom plus so many more that I love. And the hardest part is, right now I have no idea when I will be home next! Weekends are too short to make the drive, plus I work 8-5 Fridays, and I have a husband to coordinate my schedule with now. It is really hard making that trip unless we have a holiday! And the only holiday I can think of is Spring Break, which is when I will be on a mission trip with our college ministry from church! It is hard though because although I know God wants me here doing missions with my lifegroup, etc. I think, "Wow I could go home for an entire week..." but I know satan is using that good thing (my family) to get me off track from where I am supposed to be. Plus everyone would still be working its best I stay here. But it really is hard to leave home! I miss my mom, grandma....of course my sister....O those kiddos so much! also I miss Dad & Greg.....its hard....but I know this is where I am supposed to be.
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  1. i know the feeling sister. i miss you and mom so much. sometimes it is unbearable. in those moments, i am thankful for the time difference so you guys can not hear me being a blubbering mess. i love you lots.. and you will get to go home soon.