Friday, January 22, 2010

I could be totally off...

Pin It I could be totally off...but when reading this passage in the book "Mistaken Identity" I got this weird sense of understanding...Like I just came to comprehend what this meant. First, here is the passage:

"She said that death is a result of sin. So this separation that we have from our fellow believers is not how God originally intended it to be. And in that I find two things. First, it tells me that it's OK to be sad or even angry about you not beind here any more. And second, I find a tremendous hope because God will make things right. He will restore heaven and earth to it's original state or wholeness and He Himself, will be at the center and we who believe in Him will all be brought back together." p.219

I think I just realized what heaven will be like, (or a piece of it). When God said He would restore heaven and earth to it's original state of wholeness he meant like before there was sin, when it was first created. Is it true then that the earth God first created for us, that was without sin, was actaully what he will restore it back to? And if that is so, then that means that in the beginning God created earth to be heavenly--he wanted us to live in a perfect place where all we did was worship him--where there was no tragedy, no bad things. But since Adam sinned, then sin created death. But when Jesus returns and we are restored and reunited with our loved ones, we will finally get the chance to live in our perfect paradise that he originally created for us...

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