Monday, February 28, 2011


Pin It the only word to describe my feelings. Other gestures may help though....a sigh of happiness, a jump for joy, a huge smile of satisfaction, or a head tilt of humility! All of these can describe the way the Lord has made me feel! He is utterly perfect and amazing and so faithful!
He says that
When you ask he will give to you,
when you seek him with all of your heart you will find him,
he says that he will fill the hungry with good things!!

All of these things and more he has been faithful to come through on! I am overwhelmed by how much he has given me! It's funny that my last post was about how he likes to give good gifts! Because man has he!! Let me explain what I mean.

It all started with realizing how much I desire more of him! With realizing how I want mine and Meguell's home to be filled with the spirit of the Lord! For it to be so peaceful and encouraging...and then realizing it's not my home that needs to be filled with the spirit! But US!!! So then in just a few days I began to pray into that so much! Just asking the Lord to fill us! A lot of this stems from just being able to invite people over and be intentional and them be blessed by spending time with us! Also though, I am thinking to the future and our children and how I want them to grow up in the spirit, and knowing who the Lord is! Not just what church is and the story of Christ but being able to truly worship the Lord as children! You may think kids can't comprehend these things...but I think they can probably comprehend some spiritual things more than we can! Remember the child like faith the Bible talks about! I believe children are very sensitive to the Spirit...which probably stems from their innocence and lack of "knowing." Anyways, through praying into more of the Spirit God has just rocked my world!

I will give one example of what he did last night with our lifegroup! And just remember as leaders and leading out in this it was scary for us! But that is why I am giving this testimony of my lifegroup because of how much it impacted not just our group, but Meguell and me too!

So last night we decided to go on a "Treasure Hunt." This is just the name we give it, but what it means is when we wait on the Lord for specific words and then go out and talk to people and encourage them and pray for them! Our main goal in this is not to "get everyone saved," if that happens then Heck ya bring it on! But we just wanted to meet people and see if we could pray for them! Our main goal was to LOVE ON PEOPLE! I mean how often do college students walk about to strangers in Wal-Mart and ask how they are doing and see if they need prayer!

So we went out and as soon as we arrive at Wal-Mart still in the car the Lord confirms a word he gave one of our girls! She say a yellow construction vest with reflectors on it, and there was a guy in the parking lot wearing one! The Lord is so faithful to speak to his children and show us that he sees us and wants to give us good things! Anyways, we saw over half of our list of words we received and talked to plenty of people, praying for some of them and others not!

The best part about this night though was not that we saw some miraculous healing or transformation happen (which we are still expecting in the future :-) but that the Lord showed up and did something awesome in our group! As a newer group, this was such a uniting experience for us! We went back to our house and gave testimonies of the things we saw and encounters we had with people! But man the Lord built our faith last night! As individuals and as a group! And he freaking united our people! Which is something that Meguell and I have been praying for for several months!

The Lord is so good and so faithful to do what he promises and to hear our prayers! I have so many feelings I want to express right now, but it is very hard! I wish my words were more eloquent! lol but this will have to do :-) Just be encouraged that the Lord is good! And he sees his children and he does speak to us, and he wants to give us good gifts!

When you ask he will give to you,
when you seek him with all of your heart you will find him,
he says that he will fill the hungry with good things!!

Side Note: We have a section of lifegroups which includes 4 different groups and we all meet on Sunday night! Well I have heard about all the others night last night too...and the Lord showed up in all of our groups and rocked everyone's worlds in different ways! HE IS SO GOOD!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011


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" Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change." -James1:17

The Lord loves to give gifts to his children! Always, he wants to give us good gifts! And the best part is that he always feels this way. He doesn't give us a gift and then get mad or disappointed in us because of something we do, he isn't an "Indian Giver!" He desires to give us good things ALWAYS....even in the midst of our struggles! There is no sin that changes how he feels about us! He adores us, he delights in us, he desires our hearts and our time! We just have to begin to trust the nature of the Lord and know his heart is for us, not against us!
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A lost art...

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Just a few months ago I remember thinking about knitting and how it was a lost art...

I was thinking about the fact that no one in our generation seems to know how to knit. And that to me was so sad because I wanted to know how to knit! Plus, if no one learned then it could become a lost art. Then, after Christmas Break I came back to school and learned about several of my friends who had taken up knitting! I was so excited and immediately talked to my friend about teaching me. About a week later on a school trip she taught me to knit!!

This was the first piece that I knitted! I like to call it a "Turtle. Neck-Warmer!"

So now....I am working on a huge project! I know it is kind of adventurous, but that's why I like it! I have only just begun, and I know it will be a long process since I don't have a lot of time to just sit and knit, but I have started to make a BLANKET! I was inspired by seeing one that someone made and loving it! So I am carrying the beginning stages of my knitted blanket in my knitting basket!!

I LOVE MY BASKET & MY PROJECT and cannot wait to finish it! Once I do finish it, I will definitely show you!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Things that bring me JOY:

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Being with my family
Giggles of a baby
Thunder storms & hot rays of sun
Laying out by the pool
Snow cones
Stove popped Popcorn
Laughing with my husband
Organizing my life
Disney movies
Candles being lit in my house
Peanut M&M's
Camping out
Being in the mountains
Listening to the running water of a beautiful stream
Riding my bike in the warm summer
My Beltway community
Worshiping the Lord
Playing with my nieces and nephews
Spending time with my mom and sister
Laughing about childhood memories with my best friend
Meeting new people and hearing their stories
Sitting at a coffee shop...reading a book
Laying in the grass and looking at the clouds
Sitting by a fire in the winter time
The sound of rain
Sleeping in with my husband

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Shekinah Glory

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Shekinah is a Hebrew word that means to dwell or settle, and is specifically used to describe the dwelling, settling, or inhabiting presence of the Lord. Another way to put it is the divine presence of the Lord!

It is used in Exodus 40:35 when it says, "Moses could not enter the Tent of the Meeting, for the cloud rested (Shakhan) upon it, and the glory of the Lord filled the Tabernacle."

I desire every day to be in a place where the presence of the Lord rests upon me. Where I am in the dwelling place of the Lord!

Enough said!
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Summer time

Pin It All this 80 degree weather in Abilene, TX. has really got me thinking about summer...not only the getting off every day and going to the pool, or riding my bike around in the nice warm weather, but more specifically about our summer plans!

The first thing I have been thinking about is how I so badly want my nieces and nephews to come stay with us during the summer. I anticipate this being fine, even if I only took off a few days of the week they were here, it wouldn't be a big deal to bring them to work with me maybe one or two days of the week! But what would make this idea of them spending a week with me perfect, is if Meguell got the job that he interviewed for last week! He interviewed at our church for the Assistant Director of Kid's Park position. This is an after school program similar to Boys and Girls Club but ran by our church. First of all this job would be ideal for Meguell! It is very similar to camps which is part of his heart's desire, and he would be great at the administrative side of it! Plus if my nieces and nephew came this summer then he could take them to the daytime program that they have at the church! Not only would this be so much fun for them, but they would be learning about the Lord!! Which they need more and more of with all they have gone through atsuch young ages! So please pray that Meguell will get this job! For multiple reasons, our finances, his desires, and for the convenience of the little guys visiting this summer! :-)
The next thing I have been contemplatingis a summer vacation for us. You see our church takes several short term summer mission trips to places like Ireland, Israel, and Mozambique. Last semester when they started advertising I told Meguell I really want to go to Israel sometime, and he said he does too but first to Mozambique. So we started thinking about it, but not praying a ton, it was just on our minds. Then after talking with some friends about an amazing road trip that they have all planned out, I dropped that thought and really thought we are for sure doing this road trip! Which would be A TON OF FUN!! Then last night Mozambique came back up! Both will be pretty expensive, but Mozambique would be more. So now we are really praying about Mozambique and superfast too because we have to know about Mozambique by March 1st which is when they are buying tickets!! I really wish we could do both, because going on a road trip with such great friends of ours would be amazing and so much fun, but Mozambique would also be a chance of a lifetime, fun and we would get to work with kids and advance the Kingdom! So definitely be praying about this too, pray that we will be able to discern what the Lord is leading us to for this summer!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How I wish...

Pin It What my morning looked like today:

5:15am-Roll out of bed
5:35am-At the gym doing a Body Attack Class
6:45am-Make myself a nice protein smoothie
6:55am-Soak in a steaming hot bath while reading my women's health magazine
7:15am-Out of bath, put on some good worship music
7:20am-Sit with my dog as I spend some time with the Lord
7:35am-Get dressed for work
8:00am-At work doing my job

What a productive morning...before I even get to work I have done so much!! How I wish this could be my routine every morning! I wish I was disciplined enough to get up every morning and do this!! I mean it feels so good once your doing it, it's just the initial strength that it takes to not press snooze, but to get OUT OF BED!

Proverbs 31: 15 says "She gets up while it is still night; she provides food for her family and portions for her female servants."

Often times I wonder what I will be like when I become a mother! I want to be like the mother/wife of Proverbs 31! I want to be able to discipline myself to get up early and spend time with the Lord, and work out, and be able to make breakfast for my family! So I should start practicing now...right!! That is exactly right, I KNOW!...but it is so hard! Most mornings I get up at about 7:30am and have to be at work by 8am. And believe me I don't set my alarm for that time, I just hit snooze over and over then finally have to get out of bed!

So what to do....I believe I will start praying a lot for God to give me the strength and desire even when I'm half asleep to get up. I will also pray for lot's of supernatural energy in the mornings! And then I will be a good steward of those prayers and this desire, and I will begin to go to bed earlier and get plenty of sleep so it will be easy to get up!

On another note, in case you are interested this is the best smoothie recipe ever! I make one almost every day of the week!

Britt's Favorite Smoothie!
1 Cup-Skim Milk
1 scoop-Chocolate Protein Powder (or slimfast)
1 Table Spoon-Peanut Butter (Optional)
1 Table Spoon-Ground Flaxseed (Optional)
1 Banana
6-7 cubes of ice

Enjoy! And let me know if you like it!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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The year has been good so far!

I got to spend the Christmas break with my family and see Noah and Cassey for a while before they went back to Japan! Noah is almost a year old now...which is crazy! And he has already been walking around forseveral months!! And they recently found out that they are moving to California! Which makes me so sad! I really wanted them to move to Abilene! But I am trusting the Lord! I know he has a perfect plan and I'm just trying not to get too caught up in the little picture but trust his big picture! But I do miss them and want them in my life more on a daily basis! So I will continue to pray for that, the Lord knows the desires of my heart!

Over Christmas we also took some fun family pictures! It was something that was way over due! But I'm glad we finally did it, just wish Shane was in them! Family pictures is something my family did not grow up doing. We weren't the family who wore matching clothes for Thanksgiving or Christmas to take family portraits, we didn't send Holiday cards out with our photos on it. So if your family does do that, stop complaining put on your Sunday Best and have a good time while you get photographed with your family! And then cherish those memories that you have to look at, because one day if you lose someone you love you will be so thankful to have those photos of them! This is especially true with my family, I cherish every photo I find of my brother. He was not a huge picture taker, so when people post new photos of him on facebook I get so happy to see a new one I have never seen! So cherish the ones the you do have, especially ones with all of your family in them!

Then after coming back to Abilene Meguell and I got some good restful time before school started back up. We got to hang out a lot with our friends and spend time together. Then the first night of school our house got broken into! That really sucked! They ripped our TV off our wall and took my itouch! We were very blessed though that they didn't take more than that! And although we haven't gotten a TV yet, we did get new doors put on our front and back that are more sturdy. We are stillwaiting for the hole in the wall to get fixed though! :-(

Then came the Abilene Ice Age!! We got four days off of school and work! It started with light rain which turned it to several inches of ice and lot's of snow on top of that! It was more snow than I have ever seen in Abilene, or in Texas! And it didn't just melt off the next day, no it stayed below 20 degrees and stayed frozen, so we didn't go to school at all! Or anywhere for a while, I didn't drive my car all week! But we did spend lot's of time with friends, walking to each others houses, making soup, knitting, and just hanging out with games and movies! It was such a nice and relaxful time! And it finally felt like winter for a while! I loved it!

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